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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What's in the Attic?

What’s the fun in owning a haunted looking house if you don’t get to play with it for Halloween? Since we knew that we would not be moved in any time soon we had planned to go over to the Cuff residence to help hand out candy. (When you have 1500+ kids every year it takes a crew!) But then Eric decided that he wanted to decorate at least a little bit.

So, on Thursday afternoon/evening Eric got some black poster board and cut out four ghost “shadows”. We then went over to the house and started playing. First, we had to get electricity from the Bungalow to the tower and test the light. This involved running high powered extension cords from second floor window of the Bungalow through a second floor window of the Horner House, then climbing a ladder to the third floor and stringing it over to the tower.

Once the light was working Eric taped his ghosts to the windows and hung an orange cloth behind it. He then set up the light and went back to the Bungalow and set a timer so that the lights would go off and on all night long. It was a little thing, and our pictures didn’t come out very well, but we had fun.

Once of the ghosts fell down, but you get the idea.

Next year we’ll be moved and will be handing out our own candy on Halloween. Plan to stop and get a piece, and see what better things we come up with!

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