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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Knightstown Architecture - Houses - Page 6

This grand place is a big change in direction from the painted ladies that sit across the street from it. In comparison it is very plain, but let's take a closer look.

The front entry has a very classic look with the glass panel in the door and matching side lights. Adding a bit of drama is the stone lintel that graces the front door.

As with any brick building the porch could use a small amount of re-pointing, but that's be expected, especially near this great porch drain.

It's not a fancy pattern, but even the columns have many different elevations including in the brick.

We need some rose bushes here. No, for me it would be honeysuckle. It takes me back to sitting on a summer porch, relaxing in a swing, chatting with friends and family. 

The lintel over this window remind me of a crown gracing a king of the ages, adding some dignity and pomp to this already lovely home.

On the opposite side of this home is this lovely set of windows topped by a timeless clay tiled roof.

The picture of the chimney is a bit dark, but even it has a line of decorative brickwork.

The lower part of the chimney is extra wide and quite decorative, with many extra elements in both stone and brick.

Iron fences are always great, especially with Victorian houses. As this one is a little newer than Victorian I like that the fence is iron, but a less ornate pattern. 

The iron fence transitions to this other style half way down the property. While shorter iron fence is good to have on the front corner, so that drivers can see, I really like this one better overall with the home as the styling matches a bit better.

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