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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Monday, November 4, 2013

Knightstown Architecture - Houses - Page 4

This elegant house just captured my heart on first look. It's not the most fancy home in Knightstown, but it's obviously very old and has a grandeur that many other places lack.

I choose to get this second shot of the front as it shoes off the other front porch better than the first picture.

 This closeup shows how some of the windows have a keystone and others don't.

And the corbels are very complex. They are made of a single board with pierce work. I can't imagine cutting such a complex pattern in such a thick piece of wood. 

The old front door still has many of it's details. The glass panel in the door is a nice touch.

Around to the side of the house is another entrance. Even the back door has this lovely complexity on and around the door.

It's hard to tell what this outbuilding is supposed to be. On first glance I would call it a garage, but then you can see this lovely porch that faces the back yard of the house. It's very plain on first glance and then the details begin to show up.

I love this post. There is a line that runs from it to the building and it looks like it was probably used as a clothesline. But the amazing part is not only how decorative it is, but how well the style matches the corbels.

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