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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Knightstown Architecture - Houses - Page 5

Today we are going to show two houses:

House #1

On first glance this house has some complexity, but is similar to many others that you see. It's somewhat plain, but not uninteresting.

On a closer look the porch has a nice bit of decoration on it that helps give this home a personality.

But then, peeking out from the back, is this spectacular sun room and outdoor sitting area. In my opinion  this is where architecture becomes art. The only thing missing is a large glass of sweet tea, a cushion for the bench and a book; then it would be perfect.

House #2

This home sits on a corner lot, which allows us to get a better look at the entire building. On the left side (the block side) there is a nice bay window, which is always a plus.

Backing out and looking from the corner in, you can really see all the different elevations in the roof going all the way to the back of the house. 

One of the unique features of this house is how complex the roof really is. Not only does the front corner not come to a sharp peak, but the slope changes twice in that same area of the roof. The first break in slope is about half way up the corner vee and the second is at the top of said vee. I'd bet that the builder of this one had some fun getting that right!

The one thing that both of these houses have in common, is that a little extra imagination and design changed what would have otherwise been an average home and turned it into something special. 

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