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Indianapolis, Indiana

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bungalow - Front Windows

When I was growing up my Mom’s parents lived on the near East side of Indianapolis in a large bungalow. It had a great big window in the front with a stained glass window above, built in bookcases, several other stained glass windows, columns between the living room and dining room, and all of the woodwork was painted that very dark brown color that looks black when it ages. This is not to say that my Grandparents were rich people, far from it, but the house was richly built. In 2006 my grandpa died and we made my grandma move as the neighborhood had gotten unbelievably bad. Our Bungalow reminds all of us of Grandmas house.

This is not grandma's house, as her's has been left abandoned by the new owners, but it is just down the street, and astonishingly still has its original leaded glass window.

The enclosed front porch on our bungalow has been added on. It now obscures one of my favorite features of the house; the large picture window with two side windows and a stained or leaded glass window above. The fancy window is gone, but one day we’ll replace it with a stained glass piece that is appropriate to the house. Some of the other window pieces are missing too. So for now, we have another plan.

The enclosed porch has been integrated into the house, so we are going to use it as the public meeting room for our business. As such, I really don’t want clients to be able to look directly into the house. And since so much of the window is already missing we are going to put up a visual barrier for now. We are going to remove all of the windows and paint the inside the same color as the living room. The office side will be painted to match the porch and we will use it as a backdrop for a couple of very old plats.

 It's almost impossible to stand back far enough to get a good picture of the windows, but I did my best. You can see that the lower window on the far right is missing and the office side window of the picture window is missing. It can't be seen in the picture, but the living room side window of the top center is missing.

It’s so hard to describe what it will look like in the end, but once it’s complete we’ll put up some photos.

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