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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Monday, November 18, 2013

Knightstown Architecture - Houses - Page 7

I first saw this lovely painted lady from the viewpoint of the first picture. It was so captivating and fun, I am going to show it in the same way here.

What first caught my attention was the size of this house. It's pretty sizable to being with, but when you add on the addition, whether original or not, it makes this one big house. In this photo you can also see another cute "front", or side door.

The large picture window is on an interesting little angle that adds interest to a fairly square house.

Gingerbread liberally covers the front porch. This trim with the wood balls must have taken a skilled woodworker to create. And there is even some additional decoration under the trim.

More gingerbread posts, rails and trim cover the rest of the front porch. And double front doors. How often do you see those?

The windows on this side of the house are very fun. I love the step pattern. And this side of the house doesn't have an addition, but what looks like a giant carport. That's nice to have with the crazy Indiana weather.

Here's the front of the house. Not only is it pretty cool looking with the multiple colors and complexity, we have the added bonus of seeing loving attention in progress.

Up close, we can see the spectacular difference a coat of paint makes. And I don't know if the angle irons, board, and ladder are standard in the construction industry, but what an innovative way to setup and work on this obviously loved and cared for home.

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