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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 2013 Update

There has been quite a bit going on with us, but almost none of it is actual work on the Horner House. To quickly recap, Eric has been crazy busy keeping the survey business running, Mom and Dad bought a piece of land in Southern Indiana that needs some improvement (that’s like saying the Horner House is a fixer-upper), I have been to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota twice this summer, Grandma (who was going to help with the Bungalow) fell and broke four ribs, someone burned down the garage, and we have completed much work on the Bungalow. What a busy summer and fall!

We are still doing research on the Horner House and haven’t forgotten it, but right now we are mostly focused on the Bungalow. The structural issue with the basement is fixed, the structural issue with the back porch has been assessed and is not an immediate issue, and we have begun work on the kitchen. The only other major projects are finishing the upstairs bathroom and cleaning up from the garage fire. After that we have about a dozen medium sized projects and then it will be ready for us to move. Right now, the Beech Grove house is about 40% packed and I am so ready to get moved! We still have to fix the hail damage on Beech Grove, as well as get it ready to sell, and the latest storm on Halloween broke the back fence. (My dogs really enjoyed getting a chance to check out the alley.)

Even though it’s fall Eric is still really busy with work, but he’s been working at the Bungalow every chance he gets. I’ve been doing what I can to help, but frankly, it’s not much. We’ve not really posted too much about my health, and I will not bore you with the details, but I’m headed back to Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic next week. Mom’s taking me and we will be staying for almost two weeks. Even they don’t have answers as to what is wrong with me, but all of the doctors agree that there is something really wrong, it is probably genetic, and I need to be seeing a Rheumatologist. This will probably be my last trip out there and then the doctors at IU will take back over. The hope is that even if they can’t give us answers that they can get me functioning at a more normal level. I sure hope so.  

Just for fun, here's an ooold Christmas photo of Eric, Amanda, and KaCee.

As we head to the end of the year we are trying to get moved as soon as possible, sell the Beech Grove house, and get settled so that we can really focus on the Horner House in the coming year.


  1. We started following your page a couple of weeks ago. Our c. 1853 "project" has some features in common with the Horner House. (Our FB page is Morgan Manor, located in SW Indiana.) What part of the State is your parents' new place?

    1. It's near Bedford. There was no house on the property and Mary wanted to move the one from Jeffersonville that Indiana Landmarks had listed that needs to be moved. She says that's her idea of a "mobile home". Ron didn't think that was a good idea or even funny. He says we have enough to do. While Amanda agreed with Mary, I think I'm on Ron's side on this one.