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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Monday, November 11, 2013

Knightstown Architecture - Commercial Building - Page 2

This old Hardware store is on Main Street. I love not just the building, with it's very interesting windows, but how the colors really highlight the complexity of the building.

These windows are fabulous. You just don't see this kind of 3D masonry work being done these days.

And gutters just aren't what they used to be. None of the decoration is structural, but it really does add to the overall look of the building.

The corbels are very complex for a decoration that is way up in the air. The rose is better seen in this close up, but even from the ground you can tell the corbel is decorated.

If I am remembering correctly this is now and antique store. It's really neat that they have kept the old hardware sign. And while it's got the big plain picture windows, the wainscoting has the boxed areas to add complexity. This pattern is similar to what we have in Toad Hall. 

This door is from another time. The large window, transom, and mail slot really show it's true age. It's fun to see such a little thing that adds so much to the overall history and beauty of this building.

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