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Open Door
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Managing the Project

From the first day we purchased the Horner House property we knew that project management would be the key to our success. This became even more apparent after the hail storm in March of 2012 damaged our Beech Grove house. Because of this we need to figure out how to parcel out our time and money. These are the things we need the most and have the least of. So after applying our very abundant (not sarcasm) project management skills to the problem we have come up with a plan to get us through two big phases of our project.

First, we are going to expend all available resources getting the Bungalow to a minimally acceptable living condition. Then, once we are moved in, we will turn over the Beech Grove house to Greg and JR at Jacoby and have them complete the needed repairs and upgrades so that we can put that house up for sale as soon as possible. After that house is finished and sold, we can focus back on making the Bungalow more comfortable to live in and begin working on the Horner House again.

The first part of this is getting the Bungalow to a “minimally acceptable living condition.” For Eric, that means we stabilize the floor and move in. I, on the other hand, am a bit more particular. I would like to have a functioning kitchen and at least one fully functioning bathroom, as well as having all of the cleaning and painting completed. (Fortunately we purchased low VOC paint so the move in can happen quickly.) Or current goal is to have the move completed before I have to return to the Mayo clinic in November.

To reach that goal we have to:

1. Fix the structural issue with the main house supports.
2. Fix a smaller structural issue with the south wall of the back porch.
3. Repair or replace all broken windows and doors.
4. Put up enough fencing to give our dogs a small, safe outdoor area for the winter.
5. Make the kitchen useable.
6. Make the upstairs bath useable.
7. Complete a temporary fix on the upstairs floors. (Cover or remove the tar paper.)
8. Remove and store the window between the living room and front porch and create a visual and    sound barrier.
9. Remove the carpet from the back porch.
10. Fix the raised shingles and repair the soffits.
11. Clean and wax the hardwood floors to protect them.
12. Clean and paint all rooms.

Once we have completed all of these items we will still have much work to do. There are two other bathrooms that need completely redone, the hookups for the washer, dryer, and freezer will need to be installed, the back porch will need to have the floor laid and the ceiling finished, several other ceilings will need repaired, the upstairs will need carpeting laid, and the list goes on and on…

Since my contribution will have to be very limited due to my health, I will at least try and get lots of pictures so that we can share the fun with you.


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