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Open Door
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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It’s the Little Things – Mail

Way back when we first bough the house one of our very first tasks was to have the security system installed. When that was done we set it up so that the bills would be mailed to the Bungalow, in part, so that I could get the mail running. A couple of weeks later the alarm company called to say that the bill had been returned to them. They offer to help out and began both emailing and USPS mailing the bills to us.

This is the mailbox that was there when we got the house. It is on the North side of the house (away from the road) and partially hidden by the bush.

I also took the time one day to run by the local post office. One of my Aunt’s works for them and had suggested that I try and talk to the person on my route or the branch manager. I did speak to the manager and she told me that the mail box needed to be on the front of the house and in an obvious location. So we picked up a new mailbox and Dad mounted it near the front door.

This is the new mail box that Dad mounted on the front of the house. It's large enough to hold both our personal and business mail. 

Unfortunately, this still didn’t help and our mail has been getting returned. The best answer now would be to stay around one day and catch our local mailman while they are on the route. I haven’t made the time to do this yet because now we can’t get into the mailbox. Someone tried to break in to it and stripped the lock. This needs to be fixed before I start mailing us things to see if they will be delivered. It’s just another little thing that we will get to. Eventually. :D


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