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Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bungalow – Kitchen Revamp

We worked on the Bungalow again this weekend and did get a lot accomplished. Since what I know about electricity would take less time to tell than flipping on a light, I will be brief. Eric and Dad removed the florescent light that was in the kitchen. Dad said that it was of a very bad design it was a fire hazard. So, the light went quickly leaving a hole in the ceiling that will have to be dealt with, but it exposed another issue. There were some old wires hiding up in the ceiling that had to be traced to their source to make sure that they were no longer hooked to anything; and, I’m happy to say, they weren’t. We also rewired the other kitchen light and ran plug sockets for both my refrigerator and freezer. There’s still electrical work to do, but this was a nice step towards a working kitchen.

As for the rest of the kitchen, all but one part of the demolition was already complete. There is one wall that was still covered in tiles. Tristan had spent quite a bit of time trying to remove them and only succeeded in removing the little bit you see missing along the bottom of the wall. The tiles were very firmly adhered with a large quantity of some sort of silicone glue and were shattering, but still not coming off the wall. So, after a quick bit of research on the internet, I came across one alternative suggestion for removing kitchen tiles. Cut out the wall board they are glued to and put in a new wall. Here’s the result:

 Here you can see that two tiles are missing. That took almost twenty minutes with two people working on it. You can also see where the tiles were chipped away along a seam in the board they were stuck to. 

Once they started pulling the nails just popped free!

Behind that board was the original plaster wall! With some very old yellow paint and even a bit of wallpaper.

The two smaller boards in front were the upper section. Eric was able to rip these off without help. The only tile left on the wall is along the baseboard area and they have a plan for removing that quickly too. The demolition is complete!

What would have been several hours of work came out in fifteen minutes. The biggest issue was that the single piece that was left was too heavy to carry out. So they had to cut it half. And before it was taken out, Eric stepped on one of the nails. Ouch! He’s up on his tetanus vaccine and feeling much better already. It was a productive weekend and I hope to get even more done in the coming days.



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