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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Knightstown Architecture - Commercial Buildings - Page 1

Welcome to Heritage Funeral Care. It's a lovely old Italianate stye home that is now being commercially used as a Funeral Home. Happy Halloween!

As you can see in this picture, the building has been added on to a couple of times. While these additions and the new use are not my preference, it's wonderful to see it preserved and purposed, rather than demolished.

The porch doesn't have a lot of detail but there is a nice carved accent in this peak It's a bit hard to see in the picture, but in person it's much more obvious.

The frieze board has a beautiful vine pattern that has been painted in with green. The corbels also have been accented in green. From the ground all of this decoration just pops out at you and really makes the building interesting.

The brick arch with stone keystone and springers (the end stones) add interest and keep this window from being plain.  

One very unique feature of this building is the angled entrance and raised roof. I love how they even added a painted "keystone" in green above the upped window to tie it all together.

From this angle you can see the very unusual shape of the roof that covers the entrance and upper windows. It also shows on of the many additional windows that randomly spaced in the attic area of this home.

And last, seeing as how this is a Funeral Home and tomorrow is Halloween, Eric had some fun. :)

 Happy Halloween!

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