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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Knightstown Architecture – Houses – Page 2

Beautiful big old Victorian with many great details. The brick steps make a nice contrast to the stark white porch.

Another angle that shows the wrap around porch with the side entrance.

 The shingles on the peak of the porch and the gingerbread are part of what give this house such great character. This small area alone has three different patterns of turned wood pieces.

Check out the decoration on these windows. And where but on a painted lady do you see four colors of paint on a window? It shouldn't work together, but it really does.

In the second picture the light is reflecting off of this window so that you really don't notice just how interesting it really is. The decoration and roof line over the top of the window are very interesting and unique.

Every elevation of this house just gets more interesting. Vertical paint lines, a bumped out window, shingles, corbels, and two peaks make it hard to know what to look at first.

This picture is a bit grainy, but it does show the detail and paint colors on this corbel.

 The chimney even has two colors to add interest to the already complex elements.

A closeup of the decorative panel in the chimney. A good way to cap off the complexity of this great house.

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