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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Joys of Technology

Modern technology can be a wonderful thing, especially when you take full advantage of it. For example, it's nice to have multiple cars. That way if there are a lot of things to pick up from multiple sources, two people can go in different directions and get things done quickly. It's also nice for working on the Bungalow. If Eric and I both drive over there, then I can play gopher for him and he still has his vehicle available if he runs into a problem and needs to leave.

Another great source of technology are cell phones. I will never get back the manifold hours I've spent on my phone calling Dad and Eric from the store to ask questions about what I have been sent to find. But it's still way more efficient to call than to have to drive back for more information, or buy three items and return two because I didn't know which one they really asked for. It's also nice to be able to get on the internet from the store or project site and look for hints, tips, and how-tos while you are right in the middle of things.

But this past weekend, Eric and I both realized that we have not been making full use of the available technology. I was at home and called to see if Eric and Dad wanted lunch brought to them. They said yes and asked if I could run by the hardware store and grab a stove socket. It sounded simple enough. Eric gave me a good description and I could always ask for help if I needed it. How hard could it be?

Here is the item in question. A plug for a stove. 

I ran into the store and started down the first electrical isle and found what I thought was the right area. As I came to a stop one of the store employees asked if I needed any help. Since there were a fair number of things that all looked similar to the above picture I asked which one I was supposed to get. He couldn't figure it out and sent someone else. They couldn't figure it out either and sent a third person. While I was waiting for the third guy I found what I thought was the right one and called Eric. We talked for a minute and I was still thinking I had the correct item, but not 100% sure. (Eric told me the box would say stove on it and it didn't.) So I suddenly got the bright idea that I could take a picture of the box and text it to him. Then he can decide if it's correct!

The picture of the box that I texted to Eric from the hardware store.

Just after I hit send, I received a new message with the first picture shown in this post. Eureka! Eric came up with the same idea I did at just about the same time. And I can tell you, this will make playing gopher much easier in the future. This is why, even though technology can really make life complicated, we keep it around. Wins like this one make me a little better tempered on those days when the phone makes me crazy.  

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