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Monday, December 9, 2013

Knightstown - Commercial Building - Page 3

I love old business districts. The buildings are so varied in construction type, age, and modernization. Here's a good one from Knightstown.

I'm not sure what this place was when it was built and I'd guess a bank, but there is one of those on the other end of the block. Whatever it was, they sure went all out on it.

Since the area to the left is paneled over, it's hard to tell what once was there but the vertical panels in the arches add an interesting (modern) element to it that helps it connect to the whole. And the columns have a fun pattern with two on each end on only two in the center causing the brick arches above to be slightly cut off.

This little close up shows just how much detail went into this building originally. The bottom is a bit of limestone, with three blocks on top. Then the columns, with the base and capitals made of the same reddish stone, with the columns themselves almost appearing to be made of granite. And above that, at the base of the brick, is another decorative swirl.

This section has a number of very interesting features, the most prominent of which are the newer metal window coverings. I'll bet this helps really helps with the utility bills.

And just above it is another decorative panel, made with patterned terracotta tiles with strips of shaped copper above and below. You just don't see this kind of detail on today's buildings.

At the bottom of the column is not only a decorative flower, but there's a lattice pattern in the background.

The center section of the building has a flag pole and yet more copper decorations.

I just had to get a shot of the bottom of the pole. The copper work is exquisite.

Each of the columns is topped by several sections of copper. And in this picture you can see the leaf pattern that runs all the way across the top of the center section of the building.

After all of the other details and decorations, this round tower almost looks plain. But it's really still very complex, with limestone strips at the base of the tower, above and below the windows, transoms, with a decorative copper fascia and a slate roof. I love the way this protrudes from the corner of the building, almost like a guerite (watchtower) one would see at the corner of an old stone fort.

Even the alley side of the building has its decoration. At the top of the building you can see the patterned brickwork that was added.

While the windows on the ground floor appear to be originally square, the upper floor has not only round topped windows, but even a short "baby" window on the back section of the building.

I just have to say again, that they just don't make buildings as decorative as this one anymore.


  1. Beautiful Buildings!!
    Which stone is this..Is this limestone..
    Thanks for sharing:)


  2. I haven't been back to Knightstown recently and can't say 100% for sure, but I'm pretty sure it's limestone. Most stone that you see on buildings in Indiana is because of the Limestone quarries in Southern Indiana.