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Open Door
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Knightstown Architecture - Houses - Page 8

This is one of my favorite houses. The details are amazing!

From the front the house is obviously large and decorative. The basic style looks to be an Italianate, but there three distinct elevation changes just on the front of the house, that are not standard on that style. (They can best be seen on the upper story between the first and second window and from the left, and between the second and third window.) The porch is covered in intricate gingerbread, including the gable over the front door, and wraps into and beyond the attached gazebo on the side. 

Looking at an angle, many more items of interest jump out. First is the addition on the side of the building. It's hidden in by the shrubs, but with all of those windows I'll bet it's the lightest room in the house. Second, is additional elevation change that is just in front of the large upstairs window. Also, from this view, the porch gets even more interesting.

This is a closeup of the small side window. Even it has the added leading to make it more than just a round window.

Even the end of the porch has more than just the decorative post and railing. There is the vertical lined panel and the pierce work that lays across it. And lets not forget the decoration on the wood overghang. 

Going around to the other side of the porch there is another gable similar to the one over the front door but it has a decorative finial above it.

I added this picture just for fun. I loved how the clouds came out.

The attached gazebo is a great element that adds so much character to this house. All of the railings are decorative and balls on top make a great pattern. The rocking chairs are just the thing to finish off this area.

In this closeup, you can see the ceiling fan mounted inside the gazebo. And on closer inspection the gingerbread that covers the outside and the pierce work on the inside. What a work of art.

After the spectacular elements of the porch, the guttering and corbels look almost plain. But on any other house these would be highly decorative!

And to finish off this tiny little house and give it a bit more room, is a one story addition on the back. While it might originally have been a kitchen, the little porch mimics the one in front, making it one more reason why this is one of my favorite houses.  

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