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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Old Wagon

When we purchased the Horner House, there was an old wagon on the Brookville Road side of the property. It’s a very interesting wagon. It looks like it is very old but we haven’t had much time to do any research – there are just too many things to do…  If you look very closely at the picture below, you can see the wheels and a little of the wood that remained. This fence is an interior fence on the North side of the property.

We spent some time last week, untangling the wagon from the trees and weeds. Once untangled, we moved it into storage for safe keeping until we begin doing landscaping. At that point, we hope to restore the wagon and return it to the property. (And, yes, the scrapers were at it again which is why this is now in storage.)

Hopefully, we can get some more detailed information from what remains to determine whether this wagon is, if not original, at least a wagon that matches the early years of the house. One more “project” added to the ever growing list.

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