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Thursday, July 5, 2012

End of June Update - July 5, 2012

It has been a very hot, dry, busy month both at work and at the Bungalow. Although there has not been much progress made on the Horner House, the Bungalow is getting close to the end of the demolition phase which will lead into the more dreaded cleaning & painting phase.

So what all did we accomplish in June? The basement demo is complete. Multiple cans of Lysol have given their all to reduce the mold population and smell. The main basement floor drain was cleaned out as well as the drain to the 1st floor bath. The water to the 1st floor is partially complete. Some wiring was fixed up to the1st floor. The remaining trash has been removed and we have a fairly clean slate to work with. Next steps include completing the work on the wiring, drains and water and a thorough cleaning.

                                         This is what the entire basement pretty much looks like now.

                                         New water & drain pipes.

On the 1st floor, we concentrated on the kitchen & bath. In the kitchen, all the base cabinets and counter top have been removed. And the kitchen sink and plumbing....And layers and layers of flooring...And the ceramic baseboards. Demo will be complete when the tiles on the East wall are removed. We're getting close!

                                         Layers and layers of flooring in kitchen.

                                         Here you can see the subfloor in several places.

In the 1st floor bath, the old toilet was removed and the new one installed - complete with water. The decision was made to keep the old sink for a while and cold water was plumbed in. The drains were all checked and are now running free. And we have lights which is good & bad. It is no longer a small dark room, however, we can now see just how much remains to be done.

                                         This is as good as the bath will get for a while, except for some cleaning.

Moving up to the 2nd floor, all the old carpet was removed....And the linoleum....But not the tar paper. Which leaves a thick layer of nasty goo. Yuck!  Most of the goo has been removed from one room but the others still need lots of TLC. Can't yet tell whether all the original hardwood flooring will be salvageable.  

                                         Second floor carpeting which had seen better days.

                                         The goo...

                                         Progress in the front bedroom.

So there has been much progress during June. Ron leaves tomorrow to pick up his antique motorcycle. When he returns, it's back to the wiring. It will be interesting to see how much we can accomplish in July. If the weather stays excessively hot, it will be difficult to work on the first two floors without any fans or air conditioning. There is still soooo much to be done. Wish us luck and stay tuned!

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  1. good luck. is this actually the horner house you are fixing up? always loved that house.