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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Work on the Bungalow – May 8, 2012

Work on the Bungalow is continuing. In order to be more efficient when repairing the wiring & plumbing, we’re concentrating on doing demolition in the basement. This will also make the house much more allergy friendly. In fact, due to my allergies, I haven’t been in the basement since about last year at this time.

The basement has 2 entrances. It can be accessed from the outside, where a stairway “addition” has been added. As you can see from the picture, the stairway is attached to the rear wall of the outside of the house. The stairs descend to an opening in the back wall of the basement (in the NW corner) heading south to a landing where you turn to the east and step down into the basement. 

                                                      Outside entrance into the basement.  

The other entrance is from the kitchen. Again, the stairs go down heading south and turn east for a landing & 2 additional steps down.  The landing, however, turns at the south wall and turns east. This stairway is in about the middle of the south wall. We’ll need to put together a drawing so everyone can “see” the basement layout. The next 2 pictures are of the the kitchen stairs.  

                                                       View downstairs from the door in the kitchen.

                                                       View of the kitchen stairs from the basement after some cleanup.

The basement had been used for storage and there were a lot things that had gotten wet. The mildew smell became pretty overpowering during the hot March & April days. Everyone has to wear a mask when working down there, just to be safe.

                                                       Christmas tree & other items in background after some cleaning.

                                                       Halloween decoration that have yet to be cleared out.

                                                       Laundry area with trash.

                                                       Main room with an assortment of trash.

Notice the eclectic mix of items that we have unearthed.  There are holiday decorations, pure trash and other assorted items. Ron & Tristan have been shoveling the trash into bags for disposal. We’ve made a lot of progress in the clean-up but I’ll have to save those pictures for later. And most of the demolition is completed but that’s yet another blog. We knew this all had to be cleaned up prior to moving in but it's become a bigger priority in order to get all the wiring & plumbing fixed. We're back to making progress!

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