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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Work on the Bungalow - May 15, 2012

Due to a number or issues (allergy season & extra hours at work being the main ones), I'm running a little behind blogging on what is actually going on. Work on the Bungalow is continuing, and will be for quite a while. We need to tear out the basement walls and ceilings so that we can repair the wiring and plumbing. It is truly amazing what all we've found as we've moved forward with the demolition in the basement.

First, there was a lot more water damage than we'd originally thought which adds to the allergy issues. Luckily, it appears that most of the damage has been done either by missing windows or downspouts that allowed the water to run off the roof and then down beside the foundation of the basement. We're getting the downspouts under control and hoping that will resolve the problem. (The windows have already been boarded up and we're planning to fix windows soon.)

The main room in the basement appears to have been used as a family/party room. This was a large room that was paneled and had a nice bar area built into the east wall. Unfortunately, this is also where several of the downspouts were causing problems, including behind the paneled bar. So here are pictures of the main room during demolition. These are pictures looking both east & west.

                                                       This is in the main room looking West. Demo is in process on walls & ceiling.

                                                       Another view looking West with more demo done & some cleanup completed.

As you can see, we are making progress. It certainly takes a lot of time to both do the demo & clean up the debris afterwards. Ron & Tristan are making a lot of progress, although it is slow going.

                                                       Demolition looking East in the main room.

                                                      Another view of the demolition in the main room looking East.

Notice that they are having to use masks due to the dust and mold. We don't know what all is in this area and they are changing their masks daily.

                                                        This is the south wall where the utilities are.

The next set of posts will show the cleaned up "main room" along with some of the other basement areas. If nothing else, this house keeps on surprising us.

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