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Open Door
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

End of April 2012

This has been a very eventful month. As most of you have already read, we did a lot of work on the Bungalow in April. Much of this work was set back due to the break-in, however, there has also been a lot of progress.

Last April, we didn't yet own the Horner House but we did a little yard work to try and make things a little more presentable. After our unusually warm winter, the grounds were even more overgrown this year. Ron has already mowed the lawn several times this spring and trimming has been more aggressive than last year. This has made a major improvement in the overall look of the property today.

                                     We think the yardwork makes the property look much better than in the recent past!

We got the gas and water turned on allowing us to make some major progress toward making the Bungalow habitable. Ron was working on the electric system, making sure all circuits were safe and documented. All of the cold water lines were repaired to the valves in the kitchen and baths. All leaks had been repaired. Unfortunately, we had a break-in which resulted in a lot of damage to our repaired electrical & plumbing systems. Here are some pictures of the damage done during the break-ins.

                                         All the wires were cut going out of the fuse box.

                                         The copper pipes in & out of the water heater were cut along with all the water pipes.

The basement had been dried out, however, with the recent heavy rains, things are a little wet again. Ron needs to replace the end on the downspout again to see if that dries the basement out again. (The whole "doing it again" thing is getting really old.)

We’ve done some major demolition and cleaning of the basement in the past several days (more to come). And we even found a ¾ bath in the basement that we knew nothing about! So now we have 1 full bath & 2 ¾ baths in the Bungalow – all of which are temporarily non-functional.

And we’re keeping on keeping on – hopefully making progress…

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