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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Historic Military Photos

As Mom and Papa are going through their attics and downsizing we have been on one long slow trip down memory lane. Some of these memories are relatively recent, but some are many generations old. As a girl I grew up to hearing my Papaw Williams talk about his time in the Navy. He had many stories, most funny, about his time on a repair ship in WWII. By contrast, my Grandpa Hebble never spoke of his time in the Navy. I have always been fascinated by the WWII era and probably explains why I have been trying so hard to get more information on when the Horner House was used as a VFW Post. Honoring history is important to us, as is honoring our veterans.

Papaw Delbert Williams

Grandpa Leonard (Bud) Hebble

One of the items that we have spent plenty of time discussing is a photo from WWI of my Great Grandfather Hobert William's entire unit. We also have the sweater his Mother sent him (because he was not supplied with one) and several letters between them including the one telling her that he had eloped! (Oh my!)

Great Grandpa Hobert Williams' Unit. Can you pick him out? Ha ha.

When Mom was first given the photo it was rolled up,  it had been stored in a cardboard tube and hadn't been looked at in untold years. We were not even able to look at it because it started to crack and break when handled. It was taken to a conservator who spent months bringing it back to life. Once he did we found that it had:

Co. D. S.A.T.C
Winona Lake, Ind.
Lieut. E.C. Timms Com'd'g   
Because the photo has so many men in it, Mom has decided to donate it to the Indiana State Museum. We are planning on taking it over one day in October, when our schedules line up. She's already been in contact with them and they think they might be able to get a list of the men who were in that unit. 
Also on the history and honoring our military front, the Indiana State Museum is looking for photos to put up for Veteran's Day. Please contribute if you can!
Many thanks to our military men and women from the Horner House! And we'll see you all soon.
-Amanda and the HH Family

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