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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Road Trip!

About two months ago I was contacted ago by a member of the Terrill Family. They lived in the house in the early 1900's and are one of the formal names on the house on the National Register of Historic Places listing. (I don't have the exact names of the family and the dates that they lived in the house at my fingertips as they are in the part of my abstract that I seem to have misplaced...)

Getting back to the point, I was contacted by a very nice lady by the name of Gail, who is a descendent of the Terrill family. She lives in North Carolina and has quite a bit of historical information to share with us about the family and some about the house. So... Road trip!

I'm headed to Chattanooga, TN to spend a couple of evenings with some very good friends and then on to meet with Gail! In the meantime. I will leave you with this amazing photo she sent me. It's of a painting that Mabel Terrill did when she was living in the house. Enjoy!