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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October Update

Today has been a crazzzy day! Papa had his second surgery of the summer, this one on his back. I was running late to meet with him and Mom and getting frustrated with the rain and traffic. But then there was a break in the rain and I saw the most amazing sight. Just ahead was a beautiful double rainbow. One on each side of where the hospital was in the distance. And then I knew that Papa was going to have a good day today. So when I got to a stoplight I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture. By then, the second rainbow had already faded, but that was okay. It was more important to be safe!

  Single rainbow in the distance.

Papa's surgery did go very well. He walked out of the hospital, better than he walked in, and is home recovering. The next month or two he will have to go extra easy, but we have high hopes for his recovery!
Three pictures of my most beloved Papa. The first was taken when he was "little". The second picture is from Christmas of 1984(?) and the last picture is more recent. (Sometime after I got married at least. So that would be within the last 16 years. That's recent!)

The one downside, is that he wasn't able to get over and get my yard cut before the surgery and no mowing allowed for at least three weeks. Eric is going to have to try and borrow the truck and mower and get it done. I wonder if the lawnmower has a headlight? Oh, well, the neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate that anyway. The reason that Papa's been taking care of it is that Eric works every day this time of year. But, he'll have to figure something out before the end of the month. We can't have long grass when the kids come to trick or treat!

We've had a lot of
happen these last couple of months. We've been working on the Bungalow again, trying to get it finished off. Mom and I took a quick trip to West Virginia on weekend to Antiques Roadshow. I got bronchitis and ended up with walking pneumonia, and so was down for several weeks. And we've met several more family members of past owners of the house! There's more to blog about in the coming days and weeks.