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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Meet Our Newest/Oldest Family Member

As always this year has been full of bumps in the road for the Horner House and our family. Because of the sheer volume of these challenges we have been pretty quiet. Thanks to an old friend of ours, new to you, that is about to change...

Amy Hucks has been friends with Amanda since back in the day when Amanda's family still called her by her childhood nickname of Amy. This caused some initial confusion until Mom dubbed Amy Hucks... Amy Le Deuce, adopted her on into the family, and has let her get away with all kinds of mischief (while busting Amanda like normal) ever since. Family at it's best.

Thanks to Amy we have a number of old plans creaking into motion, and many new ones already working too. She has a background in IT (yeah!) and even better, fits well with the Irvington history of the house, as she is a polymer clay artist. You can find her on Facebook at Two Gals in a Clubhouse or under her newest project 1 Face a Day.

An example of faces in brooches that Amy Hucks sculpted from polymer clay.

One of Amanda's favorite "faces" sculpted by Amy Hucks.

To see examples of Amy's work in person, or have the chance to meet her, stop by the polymer clay booth at the Art Squared festival in Fountain Square this Saturday, September 17, 2016 near the Red Lion Grog House, rain or shine. And while you are there, pick up some works by local artists! Plenty of good works, good food, and good fun to be had by all ages!

Until next time, stay safe while you are partying out there.

-The Horner House Family

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