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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won - Part Two - Revenege of the Chain Saw

When we last left it, the lawn was giving as good a beating as it was taking. And I can't say it didn't go down without a fight. One broken chainsaw blade, one mild case of poison ivy, the standard cuts, bruises, fatigue and we are mostly victorious. It only took Two grown men, one woman, three teen boys, and four days. And there's still work to be done. Stumps to kill, more brick to pick up, and a thorn tree to cut down. For now, though, we are claiming victory!

Since I didn't get a chance to do an interim update, but I did get pictures, I am just going to follow this with the photos, in the order I took them, so you can see how it progressed. Here they are:

The North side is still covered in the evil ivy, but the trees on the fence line are mostly gone. (Or at least laying on the ground.)


Here are downed trees in the trailer and on the ground. We had already hauled off two full loads of trees at this point. 

Another "in progress" photo. This ivy had wrapped around the back and getting that carpet threaded through the posts was a real challenge. We eventually had to cut it free, but were worried that by doing so we wouldn't get it all off.

A back view of the evil ivy. It picks up the paint from the house and you can see the lines where the mortar is. Strangeness.

The South Side after *much* hard work. Many thanks to the young men from the neighborhood who worked so hard to clear this area!

It's bald! Most of the ivy came off and what didn't is dying out!!! It looks sooooo good!

Another view that shows clean cropped house!

A slightly crooked picture. (I was probably dancing with joy!) There's still some clean up to do, but we'll talk about that later!

And last, but not least, the evil ivy has been beaten!!! As long as we kill the roots, we are home free!!!

Yes, it's a small victory, but still a victory, and we'll take it!

-The HH Family


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