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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I Fought the Lawn and the Lawn Won

All of the vegetation that is up close to the house has to go. Nature is doing her thing and slowly taking trying to take back the land, but this is NOT what we want. We want this glorious house to survive! The war is on. 

Round one went to the ivy, way back when we first bought the place. Eric attacked. The ivy battled back and although Eric fought valiantly he crawled away with a badly broken ankle. One surgery later he's doing better, but we've rethought how to attack this problem. Amanda tried last year to kill it with "non-chemical" (vinegar based) spray. Between her bad health, (too few applications) and there being just too much of it, this didn't work too well either.

This year, we have no choice but to persevere. So the cutting implements have come back out and work has begun. We must stop the damage that Mother Nature is doing to the house and clear the way for work to begin!

Back when Mary Amelia Terrill lived in the house, she was a spectacular gardener and kept Mother Nature in check. This is a beautiful and unusual view of the North face of the house from most likely the 1930's.

In May I took two photos of the crazy growth on the North side of the house. Mother Nature at her worst!

The first inroads we made this week on the overgrowth. One catalpa tree ready for the chain saw and you can see some brick!

More work done! Check out that pile of brush! Looks like a trip to chipper is in order.

Anyone want to volunteer to spend some time hacking line. We've still got a thorn tree that needs to come down. :)

-The HH Family


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