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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Old Wagon – Part 2

Last spring we liberated what was left of an old wagon from the tree that held it pinned in place on the Horner House grounds. It was obviously old, but beyond that we knew little to nothing about it. So back in the fall when I was stuck in bed I started looking on the internet to try and get some information about it. In the process we found several interesting things.

The first was an article by Sam Moore from 2003 titled ”Electric Wheel Co. Titans of the Steel Wheel Business.” This is posted on It’s a good site that gave us a lot of general information about wagons.

The second thing that we learned is that the EWC on one of the wheels stands for the Electric Wheel Company. The company was founded in 1890 by John A. Stillwell and is still in business today under the name Titan.

The third thing we learned was not from the internet. We don’t have an exact date on the wagon yet, but we talked to several people at the State Fair from the Pioneer Village. While we know it will take some work to return the wagon to its original state we were thinking of donating it to a museum if they were interested in it. Unfortunately we learned that these are so expensive to rebuild that that it’s not in the budget of most museums. It was even suggested that we just scrap it! So for now it’s going back into the mothballs to await the day that we can give it the love it’s been missing.


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