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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 2013 Update

While the last few months have not been busy for the Horner House, they have been very busy for us. Eric has been working seven days a week keeping the business going and I (Amanda) have spent the last four months mostly focused on my health. I went through over a dozen specialists locally and I have now been to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota twice. While we still don’t have any answers they have been working hard to try and at least get me back some of my strength and energy. So until November I’m home and trying to work on all the things that have piled up in the last few months.

That brings me to the houses… The Horner House is still there and doing okay. We’ve tried to keep the grass mowed and are planning on doing some more cutting back on the poison ivy and other insidious trees and plants that are growing too close to the house and fences. We have been doing battle with Mother Nature for over two years now and are happy to say that we are slowly reclaiming the property. For now this has to be enough.

The Bungalow is still pretty much in a holding pattern. We need the design for the structural issue and a shopping list and then we can get started in it again. If everything goes well, that should be within the next two to three weeks. Then we can get back to work on the kitchen and bathroom.

The Beech Grove house still needs work too. I should be meeting JR and Greg from Jacoby next week to get started on it too. We need new siding, a roof, gutters, and awnings from the hail damage. It also needs some new porches and sidewalks, a new kitchen floor, new windows, and a few other miscellaneous items before we put it on the market. But even with all of that I feel closer to moving than I have so far. Of course, that could be because literally half my house is already packed and ready to go. :D

So like a train that has an uphill track from the station, we are beginning to creak back into motion. Next post will be Tuesday.



  1. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better now, and definitely back on your game. The three house projects look great. Sure, they needed a lot of work like a new siding, roof, gutters, and more, but at least the crew were making good progress. Good thing you have a good team to work with on these projects while you’re recovering.

    Nelson @ Royal Roofing & Siding

    1. Thank you Nelson. It's been a crazy time, but things are much better than they could be. And the kinds words and support that we get from everyone really helps keep us motivated.