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Open Door
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Have Water!

Several people have mentioned that it's possible that someone following either the blog or Toad Hall on Facebook may have been responsible for the most recent breakin. Let me just start out by saying "THERE ARE NO COPPER PIPES OR WIRES LEFT IN THE HOUSE!"

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, we can move on. While I've been overwhelmed with work at my regular job, Ron has been moving forward with the electric and plumbing work in the Bungalow. In addition, Amanda has led several intensive work days trying to get the 2nd floor cleaned out. And demolition has started in the kitchen. They have all been quite busy.

Let's start with the electric and plumbing. Progress on the electric has been moving forward slowly. With just little stubs of wire hanging out of the fuse box, it's not easy to know where to begin. Ron has rewired the bathroom on the first floor and it has a working ceiling light. He's also finished cleaning out the drains from the first floor bathroom and they are now running freely instead of backing up. The plumbing has been repaired to the old sink. For now, it's just the cold water side but they can at least wash their hands. And they'll soon need the water for cleaning. Until Ron has a chance to take a look at the hot water heater and get it repaired/replaced, he won't be working on plumbing for the hot water.

This is the old sink which we will continue to use as we do work on the house. When we're about ready for Amanda & Eric to move in, it will be replaced with the new one we bought. We don't see any reason to take a chance of messing up the new one just yet.

But the best part is...(wait for it)... Ron's installed the new toilet and it's working! This is huge. They no longer need to lock everything up, turn on the alarms and drive down the street to the filling station everytime they need a bathroom break.

And like nearly all our projects in the Bungalow, this one was not easy. The floor is not level and he had trouble completing the install. The toilet now tilts forward so badly that the lid doesn't want to stay up. His other option was to recess the tank back into the wall but that didn't seem like a good idea. The floor/flooring needs to be replaced and the toilet will need to be reinstalled and leveled at that time.

Ron's next project is to get more of the wiring fixed. He will be repairing everything that was torn out during the breakin. The new fuse box will need to wait a while since he has about a million other projects that we continue to prioritize & reprioritize as things continue to change. We'll be catching you all up with our other undertakings shortly.  

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  1. Just to throw out a mention for any fears of social media leading to break-ins at the lovely old home... I'd bet your average thief aiming for copper or bits isn't the reading type. Just a thought. Awesome work b-t-w. I've loved watching the progress and seeing the hope.