Open Door

Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Follow-up from the April 2012 Break-in

After a couple of good night’s sleep, things are looking up. We do appreciate all the good vibes and words of encouragement. We know we are attempting to do something very worthwhile and my little pity party is now over.

Ron has, once again, worked his magic and we do have some electric circuits repaired. It will take some time to get all the circuits back on but the alarms have juice. He and Amanda met with the alarm company last week. After some analysis, we became aware of several vunerabilities that are now covered. We’ve added a number of new alarm sensors and are very comfortable with the new coverage. We’ll also be having someone staying at the house full time. Also we’re looking into what needs to be done to get the outside lighting installed soon. We are confident, but continue praying, that these steps will be enough to prevent further damage.

We’ve alerted the company that manages the rental house next door. It appears they may have been targeted too since they have missing basement window glass. Everyone in the neighborhood needs to ensure that they have checked the security of all their windows and doors, especially in the basement.  And make sure you’re exterior air conditioning units are protected. They aren’t just targeting empty houses, out in Franklin Township, they are targeting homes while people are at work.

Since we have to redo so much of the electrical system now, we’re taking a closer look at all the remaining existing wiring. Due to the number of things we’ve found that had questionable repairs, we want to ensure that there are no wiring issues. If anything needs to be replaced, we may as well do it now. We’re viewing the current setback as an opportunity to slow down & make sure we get all the electric & plumbing updated and installed correctly.

Ron’s busy getting lists compiled for the materials we’ll need to purchase to get the water back on and the rest of the electric circuits repaired. We’re hoping to be back working on the bungalow  next week. Again, thanks to everyone for your sympathy and sticking with us on our adventure.

If Indiana Landmarks can change this –

To this –

That reassures our hopes we can make the bungalow look loved and cared for once again.

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