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Open Door
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

End of March 2012

If the third time is the charm, you’ll be reading this blog. For some reason, my computer decided to save my first 2 drafts in an unrecognizable format.

We want to thank everyone who responded to our fireplace blogs. Amanda has a strong lead on a company that can help us identify the time period the tiles were made. They may even be able to direct us to a company that can provide matching replacements. Now we just need to find a loose tile so we can get close up pictures of the front and back to send to them. More information to come.

We’ve spoken about the 1920’s bungalow that also sits on the Horner House property. This house has also been vacant for quite some time. Our plans are to concentrate on getting it habitable over the next few months. Amanda & Eric will then move into it and sell their current home. The business will also move into the bungalow and when the Horner House is habitable, the business will take over the bungalow entirely.

So we’ve spent some time this month beginning to do some minor repairs. Ron’s been trying to determine whether the water can be turned on without flooding the building. He’s also been trying to determine why the basement is so wet. With some of the recent rains, he thinks it may be due to a missing piece on a downspout. It appears the water is running directly down soaking the ground next to the foundation. This has been repaired and will evaluated during the next heavy rain.

We've also repaired several windows in the bungalow, as well as repairing the transom in the Horner House. Hopefully that will help prevent any more break-ins.

Business has been booming with all this unseasonable weather. We’ve hired another field person with the hopes that Ron will have several days a week to do some additional work on the bungalow. The more money we make, the faster our restoration work will go!

And speaking of money, does anyone out there have any experience with Grant writing? Volunteers to assist with this would be greatly appreciated. We’re hoping we might be able to get a little additional funding if we can get proposals out there soon.

And finally, an update on the new puppy that Amanda & Eric picked up last month. He looks like he’s grown a foot already. He loves chasing sticks & chewing on them. Now we just need to teach him to bring them back instead of running away & loosing them. He has found one of the many rabbit holes in the yard and it’s one of his favorite things. He’s pretty sure if he stares down it long enough or digs deep enough, it will give up something wonderful.


Most importantly, however, he makes us laugh. With to do lists that are a mile long, laughter helps to keep all the pressures in perspective.

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