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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Last 36 Hours - or It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better Part 2

I thought our next post would be on sinks. But we've had some changes in plans. And when I posted that it would get worse before it gets better, I didn't really envision what has happened in the past 48 hours.

The contractor, Bill, and structural engineer, Bob, requested an elevation survey before they firmed up the plans for the stabilization of the back, west, wall. In order to do that survey, the ivy had to come off parts of the house. Amanda & Eric headed over to the house yesterday evening to prep the house for the survey & remove the ivy. Sounds simple, right?

Ivy from early this spring - before it really got a chance to take over.

Several hours later, I get a call that they are all headed to the emergency room because Eric fell while removing the ivy. The hook & rope that they had rigged up to pull the ivy off the exterior walls had given way causing Eric to stumble & fall. Amanda, Eric & Ron all said that they heard a loud pop (eww!) and then Eric was on the ground, in pain.

Hours later, x-rays confirmed that Eric had multiple breaks and likely tendon & ligament damage. According to the Orthopedic Surgeon this afternoon, it looks like Eric'll be having surgery later this week or early next week, depending on when the swelling goes down. For 8 weeks, he'll not be able to do any weight bearing at all and then he'll gradually be able to shed his crutches. We're hoping this will happen sometime between Thanksgiving & Christmas.

So now, it's already Fall. We have a tremendous amount of work to do; in the business, the bungalow & Toad Hall; prior to winter and we have our first crisis. As Amanda put it, Toad Hall 1 - us 0. We are confident that things will get better, just not on the timeline that we expect/wanted. This project is going to be a lesson in patience and reality checks.

Say some prayers that we can get things moved forward without Eric and get prepared for winter. If the house wants to be saved, she better start cooperating!

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