Open Door

Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Christian Park Active Community (CPAC)

Last Tuesday evening was the monthly meeting for the Christian Park Active Community, which is the neighborhood association where the Horner House sits. This is a large neighborhood bounded by Washington Street on the north, Raymond Street on the south, Irvington Avenue on the East and LaSalle Street on the west. The members were very welcoming and had a reception for us. Everyone was anxious to hear about the plans for the house and pleased to see that the house was going to be made into a home again. Anne Holy, President, presented Amanda & Eric with a very interesting book about the neighborhood called "The Christian Park Community". It even has a picture and write-up of the Horner House!

We're hopeful that the contacts they supplied will be able to provide us with some additional information and possibly some old photos of the house. We are sure this will be beneficial group with which to work and felt truly welcomed to the neighborhood.

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