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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Snow Talk, Saved for a Rainy Sping Afternoon

January and February were a way too snowy and cold a start to our life in the Bungalow. With every move, every new home, you will have surprises, and the Bungalow has been no different. In Beech Grove we did not have a driveway, only street parking, so while we were used to having to to take care of a sidewalk when it snows, digging around a couple of cars on the street is very different than having a whole driveway.

So knowing that I'm not physically up to dealing with this and Eric has too much on his plate this winter our options were limited. At some point I will take the time to look into purchasing a snow blower, but since we no longer have a garage to store it in, this didn't seem to be the time, so I looked around and hired someone. Unfortunately he seems to have gone out of business. Which is a real shame for him considering how much snow we've had this winter. That's okay, though, I know there are a lot of really good and reputable companies out there.

So, driveways equal more work. That's not much of a surprise. What was a big surprise for me was that living on a main drag that gets plowed regularly has a down side. (I really didn't think that there could be such a thing.) When you take the time to clean your driveway and the plow driver then plows the street, he piles snow at the end of your freshly cleared driveway. But see, I learned the hard way that this can be a real problem.

When you are home, you have to go to the end of the drive and shovel all of that away BEFORE you try and leave. Or you will get stuck half in and half out of the drive. When you live on Emerson Avenue and it is rush hour this is a bad thing. Fortunately there are very kind people that live in my neighborhood (I don't know if they were from Christan Park or Irvington) who stopped to dig me out of a very embarrassing and  somewhat dangerous situation. I didn't get their names, but I am still so very thankful to them!

I took this picture in the back yard when they day before the first polar vortex.

And then there is the other, harder to solve problem, of when the plows come by while you are gone. Eric did okay in the 4x4, but I didn't fair so well in the Taurus. And, yes, I did get it stuck trying to get in to the driveway as well. Fortunately Eric was home to deal with it and traffic was much lighter at that point. But I never would have thought that I'd ever say a bad word about a plow having come through. But, if that's the biggest problem that I have to solve this year, I think that we're doing pretty good.


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