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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Garage, Before

I was going through an old file of pictures the other day and realized that while we blogged about the destruction of the garage and posted pictures of the wreck we've never posted any pictures of what it looked like before. So, here's the garage in the past days:

Front of the the garage.

Interior. Notice the pile of trash in the corner.

Interior. This is one of the barrels that held.... flowerpots!
North side. There's corrugated metal over the old wood boards.
South side. From here it's a bit more obvious that this end of the garage is in bad condition.
Rafters. This one shows the old termite damage and how unstable this end of the garage had become.
There was one item in the garage that we had placed there. One of the radiators from inside the house had fallen down and out of the upstairs of the West Wing:
In the upper left corner of the opening the radiator can be seen peeking out.
This is the upstairs hallway looking out into the west wing. The radiator can been seen sitting next to the fridge. The fridge came down too, but was stolen by scrappers before we were able to purchase the property.
One last picture taken from the upstairs doorway.
That's it for tonight!

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