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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Vintage Irvington

Bill Gulde writes a blog called Vintage Irvington that has a lot of really wonderful content on it. Back on November 24th  he posted a blog called: Film Clip of Charles Dorn's Standard Grocery and the Nearby Horner House c.1933.

This clip has a few seconds of the Horner House shown in the background! We have watched it so many times it’s a good thing it’s in digital form; otherwise it would be worn out already… Here is the link to the Vintage Irvington blog!

And on a personal note, I likely find this even more fascinating because my father was an independent neighborhood grocer when I was  growing up. In fact, my brothers & I worked for him while in high school. We got to know nearly everyone in the neighborhood. Wonder what the folks at Dorn's Grocery would be able to tell us about the folks living in the Horner House...


2/6 Addendum

This is a picture of my father, mother, brother & me in front of daddy's first neighborhood store which was newly opened. This was the summer of 1954 on the near southside of Indy near Shelby & Minnesota Streets. Unfortunately, the building was demolished years ago.

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