Open Door

Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Continued Scilence

We apologize for our continued silence. I (Amanda) am still ill and it is beginning to take a great toll on my family. When I went to see the specialist on the 21st she admitted me to the hospital and I was not released until earlier this week. The doctors still do not know what is wrong with me and are hoping that I can stay out of the hospital while they track down the problem. 

Unfortunately, when someone is sick and you run your own company, the others have cover for whomever is gone. Eric and Ron have been working extra hours to keep things going and Mary has been spending a lot of time tending to me. For the time being, there is little to no work being completed on the houses or research and we will not be completing any more blogs until I can become well enough that I can begin contributing to the business and household.

We appreciate everyone's continued interest in our project and ask that you bear with us a bit longer during this challenging time.


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