Open Door

Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Break-In

At 4AM on Wednesday morning, the Meyer Alarm Company notified Amanda & Eric that Toad Hall had been broken into – again. It is so sad that people continue to treat this great old lady with such disrespect.

It appeared that the intruder came in through the transom over the front door. The police responded to the alarm, however, the intruder was not apprehended.

Once again, they were trying to remove a small amount of metal that they could sell for salvage. In the process, they damaged the wonderful old slate fireplace surround in the dining room. This fireplace is different than all the other fireplaces. Hopefully, there was no permanent damage and we’ll be able to restore it. We’ll have a couple more blogs next week on all the fireplaces & their surrounds.

New Damage is on the Left Side

The transom has now been secured and we’ll be working on some of the remaining openings soon. While this warm winter has been great for the business but I guess it leads to vandalism. We’re all optimistic that the alarm and other measures that we’ve been taking will discourage those who have no appreciation for this old gem.


  1. Unbelievable.
    I was at Doc's architectural salvage the other day looking for cold air returns. Someone broke in and stole roughly $20,000 worth of cast iron fixtures. When Doc called the salvage company, they said they bought the fixtures for $300.00, but had already smashed them to scrap.

  2. How awful! It's like hearing that antique furniture has been broken up into firewood. We are hoping we can prevent any more looting.

    We did hear at the Landmarks open house yesterday that they had lost several historically significant parts of the building due to looting. It's just so sad!