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Open Door
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Middle of November Update

Thank you to everyone who has expressed their sympathy over the unexpected death of my brother & Amanda's uncle, Charlie. He was a graduate of Howe High School and quite excited about the purchase of the Horner House. He will be sorely missed.

Although we've had many stressers the past several weeks (the funeral, several illnesses, the death of a beloved dog, furnace issues), we've also had many blessings. The raising of the beam to support the back wall of the West Wing, being busy at work, a good report from the Ortho Dr regarding Eric's ankle and a wonderful article in the Eastside Voice are just a few positives.  As a friend recently said, we just need to setup a camera and do a reality TV show. People would think things are contrived and staged because no family could have so many things going on at once. The support we've received from the community is wonderful. It's what has kept us going the past few weeks.

We're trying to get back on track with the blog and plan to post more about the stabilization work shortly. We're also slowly gathering more information on the early abstract/owners of the house. Let's just say that after almost 3 months of calculations, planning and praying, Bob & Bill have pulled off a miracle and the beam is up. There is more to be done but the most critical steps have been successful. Although this was just a tiny step in the overall project, we just can't help feeling that we've reached our first major restoration milestone!

Beginning to clean up the items that were setting around in the way of working on the West Wing back wall.

More old foundations found in the rear of the West Wing. There are several so it's hard to tell what all was original and what all was added later.

The weeds/vines grew so big that the stumps they left were so large they could puncture a tire. We had to wrap in yellow tape to ensure no one drove over them during the stabilization work.

Is there a subject you'd like to post about? Do you have questions about what we're up to? Please feel free to give us feedback on the blog, either here or on Facebook.

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