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Open Door
Indianapolis, Indiana

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


As a follow-up to the toilets blog, we thought we'd do a blog on sinks. Luckily, the sink in the Beech Grove bathroom has no issues so there is no real story there.

The bungalow has the same problem with bathroom sinks as it has with toilets. They were not winterized prior to the house being abandoned so they will all need to be replaced along with the plumbing. The kitchen sink also has an issue with broken pipes. Upon closer inspection of the plumbing under the kitchen sink, Eric discovered that the drains had no traps, which is a code violation. Since everything must be replaced, it will be brought up to code with appropriate drains before they move into the house. So yes, we need to replace all the plumbing fixtures, even the kitchen sink.

More interesting, however, are the sinks in the Horner House. While the toilets were just randomly sitting around the house, some of the sinks, but not all, had actually been installed in the house at one time.

We'll start with the random sink. This one is just sitting on the floor in one of the rooms. Sorry it's so blurry but I was laughing when I took the picture.

Then there is the kitchen sink that is hanging on a wall in a bedroom. We figure it was re-purposed as a kitchen when the house was divided into apartments. It appears that the pipes were all disconnected long ago. The stove is a circa 1910's Roper gas range, which has unfortunately been stolen by metal thieves since this photo was taken.

My favorite is the one on the wall in the West wing. Keep in mind that the floors of the West wing have fallen into the cellar. When we were shopping for sinks for the bungalow, Amanda didn't really think it was funny when I suggested rescuing this sink off the wall of the Horner House and installing it in the bungalow. And we likely couldn't have figured out a way to rescue it anyway.

Stay tuned! We thought we'd slowly show the current interior condition by highlighting a few items at a time. Coming up are blogs on the bathtub/showers and more kitchen items.


  1. Our kitchen stove looks almost identical to the one pictured above except ours is a Coleman. It works, too!

  2. Sounds like you have a great old kitchen. We had an even older one but vandals threw it out of the upstairs door into the cellar of the falling West Wing. Since there were so many old stoves in the house, we think they were in the apartments back in the 50s.

  3. I'm so sorry your stoves were vandalized and stolen. I'm restoring a 1914 duplex and I have a great respect for those beautiful old girls.