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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Testing Natural Weed Killers - Salt Recipe - Try 1

This was applied on July 6th, 2014 in the late evening, just before sunset.

I used:

4 Gallons Vinegar
4 Cups Rock Salt
1 Cup Blue Original Dawn Liquid

This was divided in half in two separate two gallon brand new pump sprayers. It worked pretty well, except for the instructions on the sprayer didn't tell me, and I wasn't smart enough, to tighten the nut down on that held the nozzle in place, so they kept popping off while I was spraying. About halfway through, one of them flew well into one the bushes and I couldn't find it. I had to wait until everything dried out the next day before looking for it. :D

It's also a good thing I wear glasses, as I was spraying high over my head a lot. But, I still ended up with the stuff in my eyes. It burns, but, I survived. You can't do that with Roundup. 

Some Things to Remember:

1. It works best in warm weather.
2. It will continue to work over time, but after a few days new growth will begin too.
3. Suggested application times are several days apart and just after trimming, but not before a rain.
4. It's not Roundup and won't work like it. You can't expect those type of results.

So, here's the results:

 Catalpa tree and weeds outside the dining room.

Ivy outside the dining room.
Ivy on the South side of the West Wing.
Ivy on brick stack.

Poison ivy on dining room.
This was only the first spraying. These pictures were taken about two weeks after I sprayed. It was really cold and rainy for the first five days or so and there was very little change. Then we had a heat wave and things changed more.  
The results of the second spraying are even more drastic. They will be posted shortly!

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